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Kaos activity options let you customize your dog's stay to best meet your dog's individual needs, taking into consideration their length of stay, potty habits, energy level and your budget. Activities and yard times can be mixed and matched or bundled into a package. All are individually priced and charged in addition to your pet's daily rate.

Each reservation includes two times outside: Additional Play/Potty Yard visits are available.

Your dog can enjoy an extra special treat from Kaos. Treats are served daily at noon, right before nap time. Check the Happy Hour schedule in the office to find out what's on the treat menu each day. Happy Hour is FREE with the purchase of any package.

Choose from the following activities offered a la carte or added into one of the packages below. Each activity is 15 minutes with a one person to one dog ratio.
Trail Blazers: Fast paced hiking.
Wave Runners: Swimming & retrieving in the Kaos pond.
Retrieving: Tossing and retrieving toys in the grass yards.
Cookies & Cuddles: Short walk followed by brushing, hugs, and snacks.
Who's Your Buddy: Group Play, A la carte morning session between 8:00-12:00.
Brain Busters: Bring on the puzzles for intellectual challenges.

Go 1st Class and enjoy your stay the most interactive way! This package includes the following:
— TWO daily activities of your choice.
— THREE daily play yard visits.
— Daily Happy Hour!
Puppies: The First Class Package is required for all dogs 4 months and under. Recommended for 5-6 months old.

This VIP Package is for the active dog and includes the following:
— ONE daily activity of your choice.
— THREE daily play yard visits.
— Daily Happy Hour!
Puppies: The VIP Package is required for all dogs 5-6 months old.

For the social butterfly, Who's Your Buddy Unlimited gives your dog the opportunity to participate in morning and afternoon sessions of group play! Groups are determined by size, activity level and temperament.
— Morning & afternoon sessions of all-weather group play.
— FOUR daily play yard visits (when indoors).
— Daily Happy Hour!

We love our seniors!
— Leisurely wandering the yard 6 times daily.
— Daily Happy Hour!
— Orthopedic beds, extra soft blankets and non slip floor mats provided.
Sorry, we do not offer golf, shuffle board, or bridge.
Seniors: The Senior Care Package is required for all dogs 12 years and older.

For those dogs that are too smart! Giving them interactive dog puzzles is a great way to challenge their mental capabilities. While nothing replaces daily exercise, puzzles and interactive toys can help give them a task that keeps your dog busy while you are away. We love puzzle toys, and your dog will too!
— One daily session.
— Three daily play yards.
— Daily Happy Hour!


Activities Pricing

Additional Play/Potty Yard Visits:
$3 each 1st pet/$2 each 2nd pet

Happy Hour Treats: $2-3/each

— A la carte; various options: $6 each

— Who's Your Buddy Unlimited Package: $10 day
— Very Important Pet Package: $10 day
— First Class Package: $15 day
— Senior Care Package: $10 day

Discounts applied on Activities and Packages for multiple dogs from the same family.

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