Obedience training
Obedience training

Is your dog being left out of important social events? Does your dog jump on guests and refuse to come when called? Is your dog walking you? Let Kaos help you build a lifetime of good canine manners. Pick the option that works best for you and your busy life. We offer training starting at 12 weeks of age with day care and 4 months or older for board and train options. We offer training for all breeds. Small dogs, Yes! We have the best lodging and activities of any board and train facility. Call,e-mail and take a tour. Meet your trainer and see why after 30 years we still are in love with dogs and training dogs.

Proper dog manners for entering a door.

Day Care and Train


Board and Train

Puppy Manners starting at 12 weeks of age
— Sit
— Down
— No Biting
— No Jumping
— Handling of feet,ears and other parts of your puppy
— Basic leash work

Basic Obedience starting at 4 months and older
— Sit
— Down
— Stay
— Sit at doors
— No Jumping
— Come when called
— Healing on leash

Dog obedience down command

Board and Train Only

Intermediate Obedience starting after Basic Obedience is completed
— Formatted to fit the individual needs of the family.
— Stays,out of owners sight
— Improving come when called
— Off leash work


How to Reserve Your Training Spot

Contact Kaos
Please call or e-mail to make your training reservation. To reserve your training spot,we require 50% down at the time of reservation. The balance is due at pickup.

Day Care and Train
The cost for day care and train is $15 for one
15 ‒ minute session daily or $28 for two
15 ‒ minute sessions daily.
Plus, your day care charges.

Board and Train
The cost for board and train is $30 per day plus your boarding rate.The boarding rate depends on the accommodations you would like for your dog while it stays,plays and trains with us.

Cancellation Policy
— If you cancel 7 days or more before your booking date,you will receive your deposit back minus a $25 re-booking fee.

— If you cancel 6 days or less before your booking date,you will receive your deposit back minus $50 for a re-booking fee.

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