What to Pack for Your Stay at Camp Kaos

Kaos Kennels supplies food and water bowls, measuring scoops, cots and blankets.

Camp Packing List:What to pack while staying at Kaos

  • Regular Food: You may either bring the full amount needed in one container or divide each single meal into one individual baggie, whichever way works better for you. We will not need your food scoop. You may want to add additional food in case your travel plans change due to flight or driving delays. If you choose the baggie format of packing only one meal per one baggie please. We will return all baggies to be reused during their next visit.
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Leash or carrier: To safely bring your pet to and from Kaos.
  • Toys: Please permanently mark with your pets first and last name.
  • Treats: We do have a variety, but you know what your pet likes best.
  • Medications: All over the counter, prescription medications and supplements to be
    administered must be in their original marked container.
  • Pack Light: We have busy days planned.

All pets are provided cots and blankets to ensure their comfort. You may bring your own from home if it is freshly laundered and permanently marked with your pets first and last name. We do not allow any type of bed with filling. Only washable items may be brought.

DO NOT BRING your most expensive or treasured items. Do not bring their favorite toy/blanket in case it gets damaged or lost in the wash or while playing. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

For the safety of all guests

It is very important that no supplements or medications of any kind are mixed in their food baggies, food containers or brought in baggies. Please bring each medication or supplement to be administered in its original marked container. There is an additional cost for administering supplements, medications, and injections.

We require Frontline (or a similar topical tick and flea product) from March 1st - January 1st. If you do not routinely use a flea and tick product we will be happy to apply Frontline Plus for you at check in. Application and product charges will be applied.


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