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Is your dog being left out of important social events? Does your dog jump on guests and refuse to come when called? Is your dog walking you? Let Kaos help you build a lifetime of good canine manners. We offer Puppy classes and Level One Obedience classes. Puppy class for dogs younger than 5 months. Level one for dogs older than 5 months. We offer dog classes for all breeds. Small dogs, Yes!

 Puppy Class

(For dogs younger than 5 months)


One session a week for 6 weeks 

· Socialization & Exposure

· Basic Puppy Obedience

· House training

· Crate training

· No Jumping

· No mouthing

· Trimming toe nails (Desensitization)

· Car safety

·  Controlled group play

Level One Obedience

(For dogs older than 5 months)


· One session a week for 6 weeks

· Basic Commands

· Sit

· Down

· Stay

· Walking politely on leash

· Sit at door

· Come When Called

· No Jumping